7 Trends For Marketing And Digital In 2018

In 2018, it is important to take stock of the marketing and digital trends that have or will mark this year. Augmented reality, artificial intelligence and voice search. We offer our 15 trends to integrate or monitor your marketing strategies.

  1. Chatbots and chatlive

For 51% of consumers, businesses must be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Simplified ordering process, easy customer-brand connection, loyalty thanks to real-time interactions, chatbots have become a means of meeting these demands. They can also be seen as services. Internet users can now place an order or, for example, book a restaurant via these new communication channels. Be careful, however, drifting chatbots with automatic messages that can bother users. We must mix chatbots and community management skillfully.

  1. Augmented reality

Often confused with virtual reality, augmented reality has exploded with Pokemon Go, the application downloaded 650 million times around the world. Today, a source of customer experience, it generates a significant commitment. Consumers are more and fonder of this technology that allows companies to stand out by offering such videos in 360°.

  1. Voice search

According to experts, 50% of searches will be voice by 2020. This new communication channel is seen as a faster way than going to a website or application for 43% of users. Brands must now take into account this new technology increasingly developed and review their SEO strategy. Recently, Mono prix has invested in the Google Home connected speaker to enable its customers to realize their shopping list through the smart speaker.

  1. Video content / video marketing

Video has become an indispensable format for brands. 79% of consumers prefer video as a way to discover a product and 84% make a purchase after viewing a branded video. If Facebook has long favored video content, other social media like LinkedIn are more and more interested in it. The brands then choose the appropriate types of videos: live, immersive content, short videos, storytelling Video is thus an effective marketing tool for some time but will continue to grow for the next few years to meet the expectations of consumers since 43% of them want more video content.

  1. Influence marketing, new types of influencers

Today, 70% of millennials are influenced by the recommendations they receive on the products they want to buy. If influencers are a marketing trend that dates back a few years, the novelty is the type of influencers. Celebrity, macro-influencer, micro-influencer and ambassador. Brands must find the people who best match the proposed product. A person with few subscribers but forming a united community will sometimes be privileged to a person with many subscribers.

  1. Real time marketing

Loyalty to consumers and being close to them requires hyper-responsiveness. Live is trendy as Internet users spend 3 times more time watching live video than pre-recorded content. Offering real-time customer experience will indeed attract more audience with viral communication. Surfing on the news and the immediacy makes it possible to mark the spirits. Even though Oreo’s key example tweeting about the power cut at the 2013 Super Bowl is one of the 2018 trends because AI, customization and augmented reality will only enrich this practice, to allow brands to be ever more connected with customers.

  1. Content Marketing

For 53% of marketers, content creation is the priority of inbound marketing. In fact, 47% of consumers viewed between 3 and 5 pieces of content before interacting with a salesperson. According to JD Net forecasts, branding investments for inbound marketing will be in first place in the marketing budgets of 2018. The challenge will be to create excitement among Internet users and to determine what content will work on the Internet better. Note that infographics incur three times more than any other type of content on social networks. Find our white paper “How to optimize your content marketing strategy” to learn more about this trend.

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