Affordable SEO – Trends In 2018

  1. A site optimized for mobile

In 2017, the volume of Google searches on mobile has exceeded that on desktop machines (desktop) as shown in the infographic below. Already announced in November 2016, the switch to Mobile First Indexing seems to be confirmed for 2018 even though, for the moment, the firm of Mountain View has not yet validate an official date. It is nevertheless essential to be ready and to anticipate with, at least, a single 100% responsive site or even two sites (with separate URLs but structured micro-data and identical metadata) depending on the destination terminal. At Glamy SEO online marketing specialists of different profiles to make sure we cover your specific needs.

  1. The importance of local SEO and opinions

For a large number of companies, artisans and traders, small businesses and SMEs, whose commercial activity is local and regional … to come out at the top organic search results Google on a request of the type activity + city is strategic. Especially if the financial means of the organization in question do not allow Ad-words budgets in support. The challenge is also much more interesting to take in free mode because it requires treasures of ingenuity to climb! And when you reach your goal, that is to say in the Local Box, you feel a real satisfaction.

Get positive reviews on this Google My Business page

In a sector such as real estate, for example, the Nantes startup now displays the notices left on its platform directly on the Google My Business pages of the agencies concerned. It’s a way to create a virtuous circle. A website optimized in¬†affordable SEO will maximize its chances of being in the first results of the query on such and such keywords. Equipped with a page Google My Business neat (description, photos, posts, opinions), it will maximize its visibility on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) Google, and induced effect, will increase his chances of being chose by clicking an internet.

  1. The SEO power of the picture, photo and video

The Google search for a service or a product by the photos represents a significant part of the queries (of the order of 40% according to a statistic read recently). To be found in this way, you have to be technically OK, especially:

  • Name your files with the right keywords
  • Fill in the alt tags
  • Optimize size to the nearest pixel
  • Compresses file weight to reduce loading time
  1. Content rich in keywords and value-added

In his 2017 study on ranking factors, France reaches the following podium:

  • Direct access to the website
  • Time spent on the site
  • Number of pages viewed per session

Everyone can access this data, for their site, in a simple way via Google Analytics and deduce the measures to be taken if the collected data encourage correcting the shot.

The contents are not the absolute “weapon”, but not far. Once deployed, a website must live and offer new information, news and life in order to generate interest and encourage regular and direct visits. The more value-added content, beyond the keyword density and long tail, the more time the visitor will spend on the site. And the more these contents will be linked to each other the more the number of pages viewed per session will increase, will strengthen the time spent and give even more desire to come.

  1. The rise of voice search

The Conversational Agent Google Assistant could change the uses of affordable SEO. it is indeed much faster and easier to ask a question to your mobile than to enter a query with two fingers on a narrow keyboard! Forecasts count on 50% of Google voice searches in 2020.

In B2B , if the size of the company increases (SME, ETI …), the stakes are different because the conversion course, from the prospect to the signing of a contract, is more complex than the one leading to the purchase of a pair of sneakers. In all cases, in terms of voice search, we come back to a declination of classic SEO techniques:

  • Treating the long tail
  • Put yourself in the user’s shoes wondering what kind of questions he could ask and switching to conversational language
  • Work semantics using data and tools that are free

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